Why .de Nameservers Print

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.de Nameservers allow us to protect you and your pbn a lot better than com/net/org nameservers would.

What makes .de better?

- .de Domains do not show the domain registrar so no footprint can occur by having too many   nameserver domains registered at the same register.

- .de Domains do not show the registration date or for how long they are registered. With the com/net/org nameservers you get at traditional SEO Hosters you run the chance to create a footprint because they are often registered in the same time span which is suspicious.

Isn’t having .de Nameservers a footprint in itself?

There are several reasons why it isn’t a footprint. When you get a hosting account in Germany, for example, you almost always get .de Nameservers. There are a lot of international domains hosted on German servers. Google has no reason to, and to the best of our knowledge doesn’t, check the TLD of nameservers. With the increase of new gTLDs there are hundreds of new domain endings that will be and / or are currently used as nameservers wich significantly decreases any reason for google to check for the TLD of nameservers in the future as well.

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