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If you forget that you have a subscription running and pay manually, the subscription will still charge you, eventhough you have no invoice left to pay. If this happens, we will have to charge you for the refund. We occur costs for every transaction and while we do not pass these on during invoice payments, we do have to pass them + the cost of our time on, when we need to do such a refund. If you notice a double payment within the first 7 days we can refund you the payment for a flat fee of  7,5%. After this time, the refund will have to be sent from either our paypal account or via bank wire. The charges for this are the same as for credit payouts: 10% +$5 for paypal payments or 5,5% + $25 for wire transfers. All of the above also applies if you create 2 subscriptions or pay twice.

In order to avoid such charges, please remember whether you have a subscription and do not pay manually if you do. If you are not sure whether you have a running subscription, please send us a ticket. If your subscription fails to bill you (e.g. due to insufficient credit), pay manually and send us a ticket. If you do not send us a ticket the subscription will continue to try to bill you until you have sufficient credit at which point you would get charged. So if you paid manually you would still get charged once you have sufficient credit if you don't send us a ticket.

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